Terms & Conditions

1. Students attending Brighter Future Learning Center should be at a maturity level such that they do not have behavior problems that include, but not limited to, posting hateful or disruptive comments, taking part in sending inappropriate remarks, sending repetitive or irrelevant messages, etc. Engaging in these types of activities may lead to immediate termination of a student’s enrollment without tuition refund.

2. No refunds or partial tuition credit after registration.

3. No credit or refund will be issued for missed classes.

4. Only the starting session will be prorated if a student joins the program in mid-session.

5. Parents need to register to be enrolled for each session for the summer program.

  • Session 1: 6/15 - 7/10 (4 weeks)
  • Session 2: 7/13 - 8/7 (4 weeks)
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