At Cupertino and Saratoga districts have approved new math pathways that changes the math courses that will be available to your child in middle school. These new pathways can be viewed here:

Cupertino     Saratoga

Summary of Changes to Pathways:
• Cupertino students will take placement tests in 6th and 7th grade instead of 5th grade.
• Cupertino 7th graders in Math 7/8/Alg need to pass a placement test to stay on the advanced track.
• Because the accelerated pathway has intensified, schools will be more stringent in their selection of students for the advanced courses.

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5th Grade Pre-Algebra Prep

Students who take full advantage of the resources this course offers will gain the knowledge and confidence to pass the 6th Grade Placement Test! Over the course of 5 sessions, students will cover the entire 5th Grade and Math 6 curriculum.

• master entry level Pre-Algebra
• master test-taking skills
• receive periodic reviews
• complete a comprehensive cumulative review
• get UNLIMITED extra help on assigned HW from this course


Students continue to build upon the reading and writing skills taught in Club 1. An expanded writing curriculum focuses on narrative, descriptive, informative, and persuasive writing. Short passage reading comprehension will be practiced.

Algebra / Geometry

In this advanced course, 7th and 8th graders taking Algebra in school will learn Algebra at an acelerated pace and begin to preview Geometry. Many 8th grade students who take this course take Geometry the following summer and take Algebra 2/Trig in the 9th grade.
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