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Welcome to Brighter Future

At Brighter Future Learning Center, we seek to help establish strong reading, writing, and mathematical foundations for today's success and for the future.

We offer a variety of courses for students from 1st Grade through High School. Across our two campuses, we're bound to have a program that meets your child's needs and busy schedule. Let us create a customized learning plan for your child based on you and your child's academic goals.

We offer programs such as:

  • Writing Club
  • The ARC Program
  • Math Club
  • Math Squared
  • Tutoring Club
  • Academic Support
  • Summer Program

20 years of providing Brighter Futures:

Our business has been going for 20 years, and still going.

Our 20th year anniversary marks an important milestone for the company as we look back on our incredible history of talented staff and hardworking students. Here at Brighter Future, we are continually investing in new generations of establishing successful and strong foundations for our past and new students.

Overview of Programs

Writing Club

Our teachers lead engaging discussions and provide each student with one-on-one feedback.

Math Club

We specialize in preparing for advanced placement classes.

Math Squared

An advanced math tutoring system created to engage children in the exciting world of math.

Tutoring Club

Students learn study skills, preview upcoming chapters, and review for tests/quizzes.

Academic Support

5:1 students to teacher ratio for our new program to help supervise kids.

ARC Program

Learn to write like classic novelists with a touch of analysis, critical thinking, and author's voice.

Writing Club     ARC Program     Math Club