ARC stands for Analytical Reading Curriculum. Reading comprehension is just a small part of the ARC program. The Main purpose is to not just read, but most importantly, to study the accomplished writers’ styles and try to imitate it. Students will be guided and challenged to write paragraphs in the same style as the renowned author they are analyzing.

What your child will learn -
  • Train students to see characters, plot, … from different aspects (refer to HW page: Think outside of the box)
  • The class is based on discussion. Through discussion, the teacher will guide students on how to analyze the details in the passages
  • Students voice their opinions during class discussion

  • We use classic stories to learn and practice –
    1. Author’s Voice (aka Author’s Writing Style)
  • Students will learn how to imitate the Author’s text tone to develop a creative writing every 4 weeks. Then, we will start another classic story.

  • 2. Analysis – Depending on the teacher and the story, every class student will practice how to -
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Cause & Effect
  • Fact & Opinion
  • Problem & Solution
  • Make Connections…. and more

  • 3. Summarizing
  • Practice writing summaries on what they have read before a creative writing assignment

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